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Top 7 Things Women Find Sexy

sexy women1. Confidence

When you meet a confident, secure woman you probably find her sexy. She may not have a perfect body, the greatest hair or a beautiful face. However, if she feels good about herself it shows. The reverse is true. Cut abs, a huge bank account or perfect teeth matter much less to women than how much confidence you exude. If you want women to find you sexy, then start inside instead of outside. Work on your self-esteem first and everything else will follow.

2. Joy

Happy men are sexy! Be joyful and full of life. Find the things that you enjoy doing and do them. Smile whenever possible. Let the women around you see that you are glad to be alive! You will be amazed at how attractive you will become.

3. Talent

You don’t have to be a stellar musician or an avid painter to have talent. Everyone has talent. The trick is to find yours. Maybe you are a great cook, awesome with cars or have a knack for finding great deals. Those are all admirable talents. You may not ever be a rock star but she won’t care. She will find it just as sexy to see you fix an engine!

4. Kindness

Women like men who are kind. It is sexy to see a man who is thoughtful and caring toward others. Men who look after animals, children or elderly people are often extremely attractive to the opposite sex. Speak kindly of others, be patient and show that you are a nice person. This may seem simple but it’s very, very endearing to most females. Plus, it’s something you should be doing anyway, right? So be nice!

5. Intelligence

Doctorate not required here! Everyone is smart in their own way and everyone has something to offer. The trick is being willing and able to work hard, learn and grow in whatever it is that you choose to pursue. If you are a plumber, be the most knowledgeable plumber out there. It doesn’t matter what you are intelligent about… just be intelligent about SOMETHING!

6. Pride in your Appearance

Being physically attractive is not necessarily a blessing we are all born with. We can’t all be Brad Pitt. Such is life. That, however, is no excuse not to take pride in your appearance. That means being clean and tidy. That means wearing decent looking, clean clothes. That means attempting to make a positive impression with your physical appearance.

7. Sensitivity

Sensitivity has to do with having empathy for others. It also has to do with being selfless enough to step outside of your own life, worries, concerns and daily struggles to be sensitive to the needs of others. This is something that women tend to be taught to do from an early age but men aren’t always given the same training. So when a man is genuinely sensitive and caring it is extremely sexy. It’s not difficult to do. Start by trying to do one small thing for someone else every day. You will be pleasantly surprised with the response both from the recipients of your kindnesses and from the women around you.