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Top 7 Complaints Women Have About Men

complainingOK, Guys… Listen up! Do you ever wonder why your women seem irritated, hurt or dissatisfied when you feel like you are a pretty great guy? The truth is, men and women are just programmed a little bit differently. Read on for 7 things you may not realize are bugging your girlfriend or wife…

1. You Always Want Sex

Men always want sex! Always! Is that intrinsically a bad thing? No. It’s just that most women don’t want it quite as often. Sometimes sex starts to feel like all a lady is good for. Women can start to feel used. You don’t want her to feel that way and you probably never imagined that she did but when she wants to cuddle and all you want is hanky-panky you can be unintentionally making her feel pretty crappy.

2. You Never Talk About Your Feelings

Men hate to talk about their feelings. You don’t want to be seen crying and you feel weak if you show any signs of sadness, fear or other negative emotions. Women can express these emotions without fear of repercussions but men are taught from an early age to hide them. Therefore, when your lady begs to know what you are thinking she may feel like you don’t trust or love her enough to tell her anything… even though that is probably NOT the case.

3. You are Afraid of Commitment

Women want to talk about marriage, kids and the whole nine yards. They want to feel safe, secure and loved by knowing where things are going. Men who shy away from these types of conversations make their ladies feel anxious and unsure of where they stand. While you may be THINKING about commitment you may not want to TALK about it and your girlfriends’ fears of being an “old maid” get kicked into overdrive. Be understanding of her need to hear that you want to be with her forever.

4. You are Insecure or Jealous

Men tend to be much more jealous than women. Men are, by nature, territorial but women sometimes feel like they are being “objectified” by their men. Trying to tell a woman that she can’t talk to or be friends with other men will surely end badly for you. A little bit of jealousy is endearing but a lot can be downright obnoxious.

5. You Always Want to Hang Out With Your Friends

Men’s need for alone time and solidarity with friends tends to be much stronger that women’s. Women tend to like to be home with their guy and feel safe and happy when they are in “the nest.” Women, of course, need friends but men can’t really survive without them. Men need an outlet for their more primal instincts and they find that outlet with other guys. Women often take it personally, however, and feel that they are not enough or that their guys prefer their friends. While you may prefer your friends for watching a football game you probably have lots of things you would rather do with her. Be sure to do those things with her whenever possible so she feels important as well.

6. You Forget Important Things

Men forget things like birthdays, anniversaries, important events or even what their wives told them 20 minutes ago. Men just aren’t built for attention to detail. They aren’t raised to think about things. They are simply wired differently. Women are often very hurt by their guy forgetting something that he probably didn’t even realize mattered to her! You may think it is a silly little date on the calendar and, ultimately, if you two are in love you may think it should not matter but it matters to her.

7. You are Too Career Oriented

Men are raised to be providers and to make money. It is a huge part of many men’s identity. While women often care about their careers they don’t put the same emphasis on their jobs. To a woman it may seem like a man is putting his job before her while a man simply feels that he is nothing if he cannot provide. If you love your job, are good at it and feel great about doing it then congratulations! Just be sure your lady knows that you make her feel pretty fantastic too!