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Top 3 Sexual Insecurities for Women

insecuritiesEvery man wants to be good in bed. In order to be good in bed, it is important that you are aware of and sensitive to women’s sexual insecurities.

Often times men wrongly assume that because sex is accessible to women in a way that is not to men females are a bit cocky when it comes to sex. Although you may feel like your lady doesn’t have any, you are wrong! Women have tons of issues and fears related to sex.

1. Body Issues

Most women (no matter how beautiful, thin, toned and sexy) have a lot of insecurities about their bodies. Large breasted women often wish they had smaller breasts. Skinny women wish they were curvier. Short women want to be tall and tall women want to be short. The truth is, regardless of how you see her, your lady probably has a slew of body image issues.

Some women even obsess over the smallest things like the shapes of their toes or tiny dimples on their butts. Women are highly critical of their physical appearance and don’t typically see themselves the way you see them. The huge demand in the plastic surgery industry is proof.

You can’t change the way she sees herself and it is not your responsibility to make her feel good about herself BUT you should be sensitive to her feelings about her appearance. Be aware that when she is naked she is probably feeling very vulnerable. Be complimentary of her body and make her feel comfortable.

2. Performance

Performance anxiety is not just a guy thing. You may not realize it but she is worried about how she is doing too. She wants to be good in bed just as much as you do. Women tend to compare themselves to porn stars and sex kittens on TV. They think that that is what you expect and want.

Sure, you love great sex but you probably aren’t looking for a porn star in bed. You probably just want a woman who is fun, adventurous and who enjoys sex. Let her know that and give her plenty of positive reinforcement and compliments about her ability to make you feel great.

3. Her “Number”

Depending on what it is, she may feel insecure about it being too high or too low. Either way your lady doesn’t want to feel like she has had sex with an inappropriate number of guys. A girl who has had sex with very few guys may feel nervous that she isn’t very good or that you have had sex with more attractive or sexier women. On the other hand, she doesn’t want to be labeled a “slut.”

The best way to help her deal with this insecurity is not to make a big deal about her number. That was BEFORE YOU and, ultimately, doesn’t matter, right? Just be sure to let her know that the number of guys she has slept with doesn’t mean much to you. Never make fun of her or put her down. Be respectful of her past.

insecurityWomen tend to have the upper hand in sexual relations and everyone knows it. However, some men seem to think that that means that girls have no insecurities about sex and that just isn’t the case.

Be sensitive and thoughtful about her feelings and try not to make her feel worse. Give her lots of compliments and positive reinforcement and let her know that you are excited and grateful about having sex with her.