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man getting into trouble with her girl

The Top 23 Most Confusing Things About Women

man confused with a woman1. They say one thing and mean another.  They never mean what they say.  EVER.

2. They love food but hate to get fat.  They want to go to nice restaurants but will only order the salad.

3. They want you to be sensitive but hate when you are.  They don’t really want to hear about YOUR feelings.  They just want you to   care about theirs.

4. They want you to be romantic but feel embarrassed when you are.  They act like you are making too big of a fuss but when you don’t, they are hurt.

5. They hate action movies but love the stars.  Why is Vin Diesel so hot but “The Fast and the Furious” so awful?  It’s a mystery.

6. They tell you what to do but never follow their own advice.  They say you should be a certain way, do certain things, etc. but act in a totally opposite manner.

7. They hate your guy friends but want you to love their girlfriends.  They are mad when you say that you don’t like their friends but feel free to run yours into the ground.

8. They hate your dog but want you to love their cat.  This is similar to number 7.

9. They love high heels even though they give them blisters.  If a pair of shoes makes you miserable then why wear them?

10. They want you to drive but want to tell you how to drive.  They never want to take the wheel but constantly criticize what you are doing while driving.

11. They hate sports.

12. They love “The Real Housewives.”

13. Their best friends are always annoying… even if your girl’s not.  Your girl may be great but their friends are probably obnoxious.  It’s a mystery.

14. They want you to think that their friends are pretty but get mad when you say so.

15. They want you to make a lot of money but be home all of the time.  They seem to not understand that to make money you must WORK!

man getting into trouble with her girl16. They love to read gossip magazines but hate when you talk about sports news.  Why do you care about Kobe?  The same reason that she loves The Kardashians!

17. They want you to think they are sexy but never want to have sex.

18. They want you to clean up but you never put things away the right way.  It’s a losing battle.  No matter what you do it will be wrong.

19. Sex in the morning is never going to happen.

20. They ask one thing but mean a totally different question.  You may feel like you need a “Woman to English” translator.

21. Your best friends are not good enough and she doesn’t like them.

22. They want you to be fit but get annoyed when you go to the gym too much.

23.  They ask if they look fat and know that there is no right answer.  Anything you say will land you in trouble and you can’t possibly have the right answer.