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Sugar Daddy Dating: An Overview

sugar-daddyWhat is a “sugar daddy?”  A sugar daddy is a man with the means and the desire to support a woman financially, give her what she wants and shower her with gifts.  He is older, successful and dates gorgeous women.

Sugar daddies come in all different shapes, sizes and races and live in every city, every country and every part of the world.  A sugar daddy is a man who can provide a certain lifestyle for a woman that other men can’t.

That’s what makes him attractive to women.  Others may make comments like, “She is only dating him for his money!” but a true sugar daddy doesn’t care and neither does his girl.

Are you a guy looking to become a sugar daddy?

If you are looking to become a sugar daddy it is important that you realize that women are looking for wealthy, classy men who can give them beautiful things.  You don’t have to be the most handsome man or have the best education.  The most important thing is that you have money.  Perhaps that sounds bad and, if it does, then being a sugar daddy isn’t for you.

If it sounds awesome to you then your first steps will be making sure you have the money to give a beautiful woman what she wants.  You can get the money however you want to.  The important thing is to have it and to show it off so that your prospective girlfriend can see that you are wealthy.  Let women see by the clothes you wear and the cars you drive but don’t boast or brag too much.  That will seem desperate.

You should frequent nice clubs, trendy restaurants and fancy events.  You want to make yourself appear as classy and wealthy as possible.  You should not chase after women but let women come to you.  Women tend to gravitate toward men who ignore them.  The most important thing about meeting new women is letting them see that money is no object… once you have done that you are on the right path.

Are you a woman who wants a sugar daddy?

womans-who-wants-sugar-daddyIf you are a lady looking for a sugar daddy the first thing that you will need to work on is your looks.  Sugar daddies want to have the most gorgeous women.  This may seem sexist or archaic to you and you have a right to your opinion.

With that said, you have no business looking for a sugar daddy.   However, if you don’t mind working hard on your own looks in exchange for financial comfort then you should go out and find yourself a sugar daddy pronto.

Meeting sugar daddies is relatively simple for attractive and sexy women. Go out to nice places, flirt, show off your good looks and have fun.  Sugar daddies will generally stand back and wait to be approached so you may need to make the first move.

Look for guys with great clothes, a nice car and other signals of wealth but don’t be surprised if some of the guys who seem like they would be wealthy are not actually wealthy at all.

Sugar daddy dating may seem old-fashioned to some and sexist and wrong to others.  But to some people it’s a great arrangement.  For two consenting adults there is nothing wrong with negotiating a relationship that works for you so go out and get what you want!