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man proposing to her girlfriend

Quiz: Are You Ready to Propose?

1. If you had to describe her in 3 words they would be…

a. Beautiful, kind, smart

b. Smart, fun, irritating

c. Cute, dumb, sweet

d. Boring, stupid, sexy

2. She is compatible with you because…

a. You have similar interests and have a lot of fun together. You think she would be a great mom and wife.

b. You have fun together and she has the potential to be a great mom and wife.

c. You have great sex and a lot of fun.

d. She is hot.

3. You want to get married because…

a. You want to spend the rest of your life with her and feel like you would be lost without her.

b. You think she is awesome and fun.

c. You know she loves you a lot.

d. You want a trophy wife.

4. When you think of marriage, you think…

a. Of a challenging, exciting journey that you share with another person.

b. Of hanging out with your BFF forever.

c. Of her having the wedding of her dreams.

d. Of being trapped.


5. You have looked at rings..

a. And picked one out.

b. Imagined her face when you pulled it out.

c. Saw a few that you thought she would like.

d. And thought they were way too expensive.

6. As a wife she will…

a. Be your best friend, lover and partner.

b. An awesome caretaker and good mom.

c. Love being a housewife and trophy on your arm.

d. An annoying nag.


Mostly A’s….


man proposing to her girlfriendGo for it. You are in love. You know who she is and you are happy and excited to make her your wife. She is the girl of your dreams. Don’t let her go!

Mostly B’s ….


You should slow down and really make sure that your relationship is strong enough to get married. Marriage can be challenging and is as much about the tough times as it is the good times. You two need to be willing to stick it out… even when things get rough. That takes time and you may not be quite there yet. Put on the brakes and see where your relationship goes…

Mostly C’s…


You probably really like this girl but you may not love her. She may be hot, fun and a great girlfriend but that doesn’t mean that you two are ready to tie the knot. It seems that you may be trying to make her happy by proposing but an engagement is a serious commitment! You two can continue to have fun together but don’t put a ring on it just yet.

Mostly D’s…


STOP! STOP! STOP! It is doubtful that she would say, “yes” but even if she would the two of you shouldn’t get a houseplant let alone get married. You may be blinded by her good looks, her sexiness or her great cooking. Who knows what it is? But you are NOT in love!