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Quiz: Are You in “The Friend Zone?”

friend zone1. She calls…

a. Every day. All day. You two love to talk and can’t get enough of each other’s company.
b. When she is free at work or at school. You guys really get along well.
c. When she needs something… when she has a flat tire or she needs a friend to bail her out of jail.
d. Never. She only texts.

2. She smiles when you…

a. Smile and laugh and she had something to do with it. She loves making you happy.
b. When you say something funny. She thinks you are great.
c. When she is flirting. She enjoys your attention.
d. When she needs something. She will turn on the charm when she needs your help.

3. She talks to you about…

a. Her hopes, dreams and worries. She trusts you with everything.
b. Her friends, family and her worries. She respects your opinion,
c. Other guys she likes. She doesn’t seem to know how awful that makes you feel.
d. What she wants or needs from you

4. When you mention the two of you as a couple…

a. She blushes and giggles. She seems really excited about the idea.
b. She seems unsure. She smiles but doesn’t seem totally excited.
c. She pretends not to hear you. She changes the subject.
d. She says, “Oh but we would ruin our friendship…” and blows you off.

5. When you are sad or sick, she…

a. She gives you special gifts, calls to check on you and comes to see you… she is genuinely concerned.
b. She sends a “get well” text. She sincerely hopes you feel better.
c. She says, “Feel better. Call me when you are in a better mood.” She seems a little bit standoffish.
d. Ignores you.

6. Your friends think…

a. She is totally into you.
b. She might be into you.
c. You are definitely just a friend.
d. You are being played for a fool.

If you answered mostly a’s…

You two are practically dating already. You just need to make it official. There is no way you are in the friend zone. Make a move before it is too late!

If you answered mostly b’s…

You two may have some flirtation going on but you are dangerously close to being her “best guy friend.” She likes you but she is waiting on you to show her that you like her too. Do something.

If you answered mostly c’s…

Duh. You are totally in the friend zone. You need to find a girl that is totally into you and that you can move forward with. This girl may not mean to but she is holding you back from meeting the REAL girl of your dreams.
If you answered mostly d’s…

Run! Run now! This girl is taking advantage of your affection for her and using you. You deserve better. Go find a girl who is ready to be with you and isn’t just looking for attention.