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Is Your Woman the Perfect Girlfriend?


We have all been there. We have liked something about each of our girlfriends. In starting a relationship, we looked for that quality we enjoyed. So, really, what are the things that make a woman the perfect girlfriend?

She is independent

It is great to be needed on occasion, but a girl who is independant and needs you is one who will not be clingy in their neediness. She has a life and participates in that life. She is your girlfriend because she wants you in that life. She does not suffocate you and can function just fine without you, thank you very much.

As long as she can stand on her own two feet has personality, opinions, emotional maturity and can enjoy time away from you, yet still miss you, then she is great girlfriend material.

She is intelligent

Women love intelligence on guys. For a guy, an intelligent woman has the same effect. The empty-headed approach will not last long. Men will tire of this, it does not matter what she looks like in a bikini if the breeze floats around inside her head, as well.

Intelligent women tend to take more control and more responsibility. She keeps you sharp and enjoys conversations.

She is sexual

Sex and sexuality are an important part to any relationship. The compatibility in this area can create spark filled moments that seem to last forever. With the right woman, a single touch can light St. Elmo’s Fire.

Being on the same page sexually means less talking about what each partner wants, as you will already understand their desires. Sexual compatibility will lead to an undeniable attraction towards each other and communication will be all the easier.

She is beautiful

Well, Hello McFly. Of course, she has to be beautiful. We’re not talking super model gorgeous here, that’s not a necessity, but a woman that takes care of herself will shine like the brightest star.

You will be proud to be seen with her and enjoy the sight of her period. It is said that beauty comes in all forms and what one-person likes, another may not. So, whatever you find beautiful, the key here is that she is a woman that is consistent in keeping that beauty.

She respects you

If your woman does not respect you, why are you with her? This is perhaps one of the most important qualities of the relationship. She does not have to agree with everything you say, but at least she listens.

If she respects you, she will never demean you at any time. This is a biggie. Your woman must respect you. This means that she listens to you, even if she does not necessarily agree with what you are saying.

When you want to talk, she will give you that time. When you need some space, she will give that to you as well. She does not play double standard games.

She treats you like a man and allows you to be one

As men, we do many things that women may not have an interest in doing. Football night with the guys, meeting up for a drink with the guys, or generally spending some hang out time with your friends.

A good girlfriend will understand this and not try to change you by insisting you stop the things you did before she came along. She has to understand that men and women are different and should allow you to be yourself.

She is nagless

Haven’t we all had that girlfriend that made it seem like you could not do anything right? That is what we call a nag. Always having something to complain about is not a good thing. Girls need to understand how to choose their battles wisely.

This goes along with the rules of Respect and Intelligence. Of course, there are some things that not even a great girlfriend should not let slide, so do not push your luck, guys.

She gets along with friends and family

Family will always be important. No matter how close or distant we are to family, if they approve the girl is definitely high on the list of keepers. If she helps your mother in the kitchen and puts up with your dads wartime stories, then kudos to you.

When you go to hang out with your friends and they enjoy her presence, this greatly increases the chances of her not having a problem with guys night out. Look for this in your woman.

If she spends her time understanding your relationships with family and friends and doing things that create better relationships for you then keep that woman.

She loves you

A woman cannot pretend to love you, if she really does not. Her actions will reveal herself in time. If she loves you for you and seeks to understand all your quirks, then hold on to her.

Everyone has their annoying habits, and if she loves you, she will tease you but learn to cope with them. If she is very attentive to you, chances are she loves you. Here is a great test.

If you call your woman, you are sick, and she shows up a few hours later with chicken soup ready to eat, she loves you. In return, if she lights up every time she sees you, she loves you.

She makes you want to be a better man

This is the number one thing that shows a woman is good for you. If you just feel the urge to be a better man, to change yourself in a way that allows you to be more mature and responsible, then this woman has a positive affect on your life.

As men, we go through life being the person we are. It is not often that we consider being anything different. However, the right woman will not need to say a word, he will want to be better in her eyes and make steps towards achieving that.