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Is She Girlfriend Material?

girlfriendIs she just a fling or a girl worth taking the next step with? Ask yourself the following questions and see!


Do you think about her when you are apart?

When you are away from her do you think of her often? Do you miss her? Do you talk about her to your friends, family and coworkers?

If so, she is probably more than just the “girl du jour.” However, if you only really think about her when she calls, texts or when you see her then she may be someone you enjoy hanging out with but not someone who is a possible girlfriend.

Do you enjoy the same things?

Do you like the same movies? The same music? The same books? Do you share common interests and enjoy the same hobbies?

If so, you may have found a girl worth keeping! Common interests are key to the success of a relationship. The nicest, prettiest girl in the world will soon become boring (and possibly even annoying) if you two have nothing to talk about or do together!

Does she share your values?

Do you have the same beliefs? Does she cares about the same things that you do? Do you agree on important issues like religion, money and child-rearing?

If so, you two may have a future. Shared values are extremely important to any relationship. Though you may not think that your religious views should matter or you may feel that your love will conquer all when it comes to differences regarding finances the truth is these things matter. It is difficult to maintain a healthy and happy relationship when you two can’t see eye to eye on important issues.

Do you two respect one another?

Do you admire and like one another? Do you think she is smart and interesting? Is she a person who you would be proud to introduce to your friends and family? And is the feeling mutual?

If so, a committed relationship may be a great next step. Mutual respect will get two people far. However, lack of respect will doom two people. If you think she is gorgeous but not very bright or if she talks down to you then you two will have big problems down the road. Physical attraction, sex and lust will not sustain you long term.

Do your friends and family like her?

Do your parents like her? Does your best friend think she is great? When you bring her around your social circle does she fit in? Can you see sharing holidays for years to come?

If so, then your girl may be a keeper. It’s not that other people’s opinions matter. It’s just that those people know you the very best and probably share your interests and values. They are not blinded by lust, loneliness or any other motivations for getting into a relationship. They may be able to see things differently than you can. If they don’t think she is good for you, you should at least take their opinions into consideration.


If you are having trouble deciding whether to take the next step then think these questions through and be honest with yourself. At the end of the day, you are the only one who really knows what is best for you.