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How to Make a Woman Want You… Bad!

what-woman-wants-youToday it’s time to take a look at the Holy Grail of tourist attraction: exactly what TRULY makes a female want you. And yes, we truly are visiting take a stab at this – potentially the most universal of ALL concerns about ladies – right here and now.

What habits can YOU carry out that are understood to make the females that YOU PREFER A LOT OF want you? First off, it’s time for a small however vital distinction. Understand: there is a distinction between TASTE and WANTING.

A woman can like you perfectly fine, and still not be BROUGHT IN to you. (Hint: this is called ‘friendship’.) Sadly, a great deal of men ATTEMPT to create ‘destination’, when in fact, exactly what they’re IN FACT doing is creating FRIENDSHIP.

Many men try to do things for a female which (he thinks) will make her desire him but which, in real reality, do nothing but broadcast his COMPLETE lack of regarded control over the scenario, his DESPERATION to effect a specific ‘end’, and his cluelessness about ‘how tourist attraction works’.

Such guys consist of those who preface a chat with a female equivalent with the words, ‘Hey, can I buy you a beverage?’ and You’re pretty’ along with guys who assume the ‘specialist’ function (hearing everything about the ex, the guys who’ve ‘done her wrong’, and about the guy she’s presently seeing – even how great the sex is) along with men who ROLL OVER and play ‘dead’ for a female (being the licensed operator, getting her things, tolerating strange behavior and temper tantrums, and generally catering the concept that SHE is in control and YOU are supplicating to her.).

Thankfully, there are many females out there who have too much dignity, compassion, and BETTER OPTIONS readily available than to urge that kind of habits from men but on the other, less-fortunate hand, such women DO exist who WILL accept (and in fact, blatantly orchestrate) such habits … some, who even EXPECT IT.

Such ladies are toxic, and you would succeed to stay clear of all communications with them. Chase such ladies, and not only will they bring you down, however they’ll damage your chances with various other, MUCH BETTER females.

There is a vital lesson right here: if you want to make a female WANT you, you have got to be in control of yourself, and not seem DESPERATE.

The simplest way not to seem desperate is, obviously, to in fact NOT BE desperate. And the best method to really prevent desperation is to really get ‘out there’ and produce yourself some OPTIONS when it pertains to women and dating. If you ever before catch yourself feeling as though you ‘d ‘do anything’ for a lady simply to have her hang around, she will NOTICE IT and be warded off.


Since women don’t like weak, needy guys who are OK with receiving poor treatment simply to indulge her presence. Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts definitely. This definitely puts on WOMEN – so STOP GRANTING HER ALL THE POWER!

Lesson one: Don’t hand out your power.

Don’t supplicate. Do not plead. Do not be desperate. In the meantime, put your attention on the need of not ‘fabricating’ anything (i.e. not having to MAKE BELIEVE not to be needy or desperate, while during your heart’s hammering away and your palms are sweating since this is Your Huge Chance) … and of really HAVING OPTIONS.

A few strong standards:

  • Do not be ‘on call’ for her.
  • Don’t drop every little thing for her.
  •  Do not wait for her to verify you.
  • Don’t offer to purchase anything or expend any resources in order to speak with her or see her. (If taking girls out is something you already do for fun, then fine. But if you’re doing it because you desire her to ‘like you’, then consider that your first warning and drop that behavior like a hot potato.).
  • Don’t be the one she calls JUST when she ‘requires something’.
  • Be a guy, not a puppy-dog.

However enough with the doom and gloom. So now you know ways to make a woman ‘like’ you rather than ‘want’ you so how do you flip the coin? How do you make her WANT YOU?

Is it looks? Is it wide range? Is it confidence? Is it power?

All those things are part of it, however they’re not THE SINGLE A LOT OF BASIC THING. I desire you to think deeper than exactly what everybody else is telling you. Think deeper than ‘conventional wisdom.’ What is the single most fundamental thing that a woman wants in a sexual partner?

Consider it …

Exactly what’s the something she HAS to have? I can inform you straight off that it isn’t looks. There are lots of average-looking men with beautiful women in their lives. And the very best females don’t tend to be overly made an impression on by wide range. Confidence is absolutely a big one, but it’s still not FUNDAMENTAL a complete 100 % of the time, with 100 % of ladies.

… so WHAT IS IT?

Below goes: one of the most crucial thing that a female requires in order to DESIRE YOU is that you are a MAN. That you understand what it suggests to be a guy … that you’re OK with it … that you don’t APOLOGIZE for it … that you have the strength to BE it … and that you ARE it, through and through, 100 % congruence … meaning, there’s no ‘act’ here. (Since ladies can smell FALSITY.).

Females are drawn in to GUYS, plain and simple.

  • A MAN is someone who’s different from her in every way.
  • A MAN is somebody who has stability, understands who he is, and knows where he’s going.
  • A MAN is someone that a lady can trust to guide her and lead her into a terrific future.
  • A MAN is someone who has the strength to let her be her most womanly self without ever before making her feel that SHE ‘S the one who’s visiting have to ‘hold’ them both. Who can let her know that every little thing’s visiting be OKAY. Who’s not fazed by her femininity. Who supports her EMOTIONALLY, not just MATERIALLY. Who verifies HER instead of looking TO her for validation.

Below’s exactly what ‘being a guy’ ISN’T:

  • Attempting to be her ‘friend’ in order to come in ‘under the radar’.
  • Spending for attention, affection, or chat.
  • Disguising your reality in order to ‘create an impression.’ (For example, socializing in the VIP lounge and flashing your money-clip around in order to get ‘elite’ females, when it’s actually beyond your methods to preserve.).
  • Freaking out when she responds emotionally to a situation.
  • Relying on her for recognition and approval.
  • Wanting to her for choices and viewpoints.

how-to-make-a-girl-want-youA female will go to other women to share feelings, gossip, and talk about the next-door neighbors. She’ll visit a MAN for her various other demands. She’ll go to a MAN when she wishes to lean on somebody sturdy. She’ll visit a GUY when she wishes to let loose and go wild.

A woman desires a man due to the fact that he’s a GUY … not because he’s ‘similar to her’ or ‘just like a friend’. I want you to get this principle, since it’s THAT important. Have you ever before been in the circumstance where you’re the guy a lady goes to when she has ‘boy issues’ and wants to talk them with … but if you try to kiss her or relocate things forward physically, she balks and backs off and makes an excuse?

This sort of thing happens when a lady simply isn’t really ‘sensation’ your masculinity. You’re not making her feel safe, supported, or that you’re sturdy enough to LEAD. And by the way … making a lady ‘feel supported’ is NOT about administering relationship insight, informing her she’s ‘too great’ for other men, or being the shoulder to sob on.

It’s about letting her understand, tacitly, that YOU are always in control, that you are somebody she can COUNT ON, which you can ‘handle it’, whatever ‘it’ is. See, this is something that a lot of men struggle with. They hesitate to be ‘men’ because they do not wish to SCARE anybody (like females). They’re frightened to simply be a guy and be OKAY with it.

By attempting not to give too much ‘air-time’ to aggressiveness or masculinity, they’ve really NEUTERED themselves and become a ‘blank cartridge’ in terms of DESTINATION. This is why a lot of ladies seem to prefer ‘jerks’. Not because they really WANT a ‘jerk’, but because, when faced with a selection between a ‘sensitive new-age guy’ and a JERK, they ‘d rather pick the jerk … because at least HE knows the best ways to be a GUY.

(Regretfully for many females, they actually are uninformed that there is a middle ground right here– that terrific guys do exist who are neither SNAGs nor jerks, who are EXCELLENT men who also know the best ways to BE GUYS. This is why ‘jerks’ have such a ‘cachet’ for numerous women … because they literally don’t know of anything else that’s out there that’s still efficient in being a guy. The good news is for these ladies, you will be able to communicate this quality to them quickly.).

When you suppress your masculinity in order for women to ‘be OKAY’ with you, you in fact just ensured that a woman’s visiting feel NOTHING around you. Simply that. Neutrality. Not aroused. Not hot. NOTHING. Guys have actually LOST the capacity to be guys … and, in the process, they have actually lost what it requires to attract ladies. Now, I’m making no presumptions about YOU personally.

But for those men out there who seem like they can use a bit even more direction on what it takes to be a man … I have something to state to you. It’s NOT the end of the world. You’re not resigned to being the man you are now for always. Think about how much you’ve changed from the way you were at 13 years old … or even at 3 years old.

You have the capacity for AMAZING growth and development. In 5 years, you might look back on the guy you are now and seem like you have nothing in common with him. You could be the MAN that takes attracting outstanding females for granted. You could be so changed that you barely even remember exactly what it’s like to feel stuck in your old life. If you’re happy with the man you are now and the life you have now, then by all suggests stay with what works.

But if you’re NOT totally pleased … if you feel STUCK in old patterns of getting rejected and beating yourself up … if you’re definitely 100 % about to make a MODIFICATION in your life and take that problem. Then you’re ready for the next step in your temptation direction.


Answer “YES” or “NO” to each concern below.

  1. I don’t have too much of a problem drawing in ladies I discover appealing.
  2. I typically discover myself readjusting who I am and even making aspects of myself up to seem attractive.
  3. I can think of a great deal of reasons that a female wouldn’t be drawn in to me.
  4. I discover it hard to fulfill women whom I want AND such as.
  5. There’s very little that embarrasses me about myself.
  6. The females I desire seldom, if ever, desire me back.
  7. I’m positive that sooner or later a female will come along who will recognize exactly what a wonderful man I am.
  8. As long as the sex is good, I’ll endure a lot in a female.
  9. I do not have any problem with being assertive.
  10. I find it upsetting when a female gets upset or starts throwing a fit.
  11. I’m confident that I can manage most things that life throws at me.
  12. I seem like I have a pretty good relationship with my Father.
  13. It irritates me when things don’t go as prepared.
  14. I’m not really a “fussy” individual, I’m respectable at going with the flow.
  15. I’ve got a good idea of exactly what I desire my future to look like in the next couple years.


For every response that matches below, provide yourself a point. For every answer that doesn’t match, deduct a point.

  1. YES
  2. NO
  3. NO
  4. NO
  5. YES
  6. NO
  7. NO
  8. NO
  9. YES
  10. NO
  11. YES
  12. YES
  13. NO
  14. YES
  15. YES


Now, you might be anticipating me to inform you whether or not you’re a “genuine guy” based on your rating, however I’m not visiting inform you what your score “could” be. There’s no threshold that you cross over that informs you that NOW you’re a guy. Clearly, the even more points you get, the better you’re doing … however this is a PROCESS we’re discussing right here.

You’re going to continue learning even more about what it implies to be a guy till the day you die. But if your score wasn’t as high as you thought it should be, I’m visiting offer you 3 wonderful principles today that, if you master them, have the power to totally transform your life.


Suggestion # 1: Get enthusiastic about something aside from women.

There’s nothing less attractive than a man who’s OK with ‘settling’ for a life that he’s not ENTHUSIASTIC about.

If you are living your life without energy and interest, then you are going to discover it tough to EVER BEFORE get a really outstanding female thinking about you. And by the way … ‘enthusiasm’ doesn’t count if it’s just WOMEN you’re passionate about. You have to have interests aside from just ‘getting great with women’ if you want to be a convincing guy.

Below’s what the majority of men do: they get comfortable, get a steady task, rent a suitable location in an apartment complex, and spend all their free time on some combination of the following: the computer, working out, and/or consuming. And then they grumble that they do not have a girlfriend!

If you want to be the kind of GUY that a FEMALE desires, then you have actually got to get thinking about living a complete life. And this isn’t really something that you ‘do’ to ‘get females’. Living a kick-ass life is ideally something you wish to do FOR YOURSELF – otherwise.

I’m going to presume you do not have a lot of self-respect (in which case, you’re going to find it hard to EVER get an excellent female.).

Pointer # 2: Don’t give when you don’t WANT to offer.

Some guys discover it too easy to become a ‘yes-man’. You understand – the man who agrees to do things, give things, and state things when he doesn’t truly wish to and he does not really imply it.

For instance: the kind of guy who’ll agree with a female, EVEN WHEN he doesn’t REALLY agree, so she’ll ‘like him more’. Or the kind of man who’ll compliment a female on something he can not care less about so she’ll think they’re ‘on the same wavelength’.

Or the kind of man who’ll aggravation himself greatly for a female due to the fact that he hesitates that, if he does not, he’ll ‘lose his chance’. Below’s the truth: it is THAT VERY ATTITUDE that will ‘lose you your chance’, because a wonderful woman will not remain drawn in to someone who’s so petrified of ‘losing her’ that he cannot even bring himself to be real. Find out how to state ‘no’ in a manner that’s NOT A BIG DEAL.

Do not get freaked out if you have a various viewpoint to somebody. Get delighted about radical sincerity and the rejuvenating effect it can have on your relationships with ladies. Think about the fact that a dispute of opinion, when dealt with well, is INTERESTING as well as produces the friction that causes interest. Be fascinating. Be OK with being fascinating.

Tip # 3: Get validation from something in your life aside from women.

If you are counting on success with females to confirm you and make you feel beneficial, then your satisfaction with your life and your sense of self-confidence as a guy is forever going to be ephemeral and linked to exterior events that are, BY THEIR EXTREMELY NATURE, continuously moving.

As a result, you’ll put means too much focus on the result of ANY situation with a woman. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll be not able to relax around ladies, and your weird urgency and intensity will creep her out. The best-case scenario is that you’ll be strapped to a life-long roller-coaster of ‘I totally guideline!’ and ‘Man, I SUCK’ since you’ll never be in control of your own value … and this can be tiring.

This is where ‘creating and living an EXCELLENT life’ is available in. When you have a full life that interests you and from which you derive pleasure, suddenly ‘ladies’ are NOT SUCH A BIG DEAL. That’s not to say that you can’t WANT a female … but you no longer DEMAND ONE in order to feel ‘regular’.

And as a result, women almost everywhere notice your innate control and capability to create SELF-SATISFACTION, and will instantly begin showing up in your life. However careful now … they can smell in authenticity. This will just work if you’re doing it FOR REAL, not just as a ploy to ‘get ladies’.