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great in bed

How to Be Great in Bed

great in bedEvery man likes to think he is good in bed. As a matter of fact, possibly the worst insult you could ever give a man is to tell him he is not a good lover. If you are like most other guys you hope you are good and just want to keep getting better.

Being a rock start in the bedroom is not all about you, though. It’s about the both of you. It’s a harmony that you two need to work out. Women and men are not always totally on the same page sexually so read on to see what you can to become a better lover and partner.

1. Be sensitive

Women are programmed to feel a much more emotional response to sex. They become attached easily. Therefore, men who are sensitive to women’s feelings and needs during sex are generally better lovers. If a woman feels emotionally supported and loved during sex then she will enjoy it much, much more. Take the time to think of her feelings and you will make the experience better for you both.

2. Be sensual

Women need more sensual sexual experiences including foreplay, music, lighting, etc. The more senses that you get involved for a woman the better. Men are typically visual and can get turned on from looking at a picture but women need much more. They need more senses involved. Try incorporating food, candles, special songs or massage.

3. Take things slow

When trying something new in bed be sure to take your time. You may be excited about a new idea but your lady may need more time to warm up to the idea. You should never push too hard for something that you can tell she really doesn’t want to do. Also, if she agrees to try something new be sure to keep her feelings in mind.

4. Be loving

Make her feel loved. Stroking hair, kissing, massages and saying sweet things are all great ways to make her feel cherished. You, of course, can say “I love you,” as well. Sometimes, however, actions speak louder than words.

5. Have a Sense of Humor

Sex can be funny. It can be downright embarrassing and silly sometimes. If you take it too seriously you are bound to be awful in bed. Be willing to laugh when appropriate and don’t get too worked up if she chuckles.

6. Be Curious

Be willing to try new things, new places, new toys, etc. Don’t get stuck in a rut. If your lady comes to with you an idea hear her out and show interest. You don’t have to agree to do everything she thinks of but you do owe her the respect of consideration. The reverse is true as well… go to her with fun, new ideas. Make sex an exploratory experience for the both of you. You will be sure to rock her world.
If you can be sensitive, sensual, curious and loving then you will have no problems being a fantastic sexual partner. You have to think of her MORE than you think of yourself. Women tend to have more needs emotionally in the bedroom therefore considering her feelings, being open and communicating will make all of the difference for you.