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How to Be an Alpha Male


The One and Only

An Alpha Male is someone who is the strongest among all; the best of the best- the cream of the crop. He is someone people respect and look up to. His capabilities are sky-high and overwhelming. Woman flock to him, while other men respect, envy or even, fear him. He is the man with unstoppable power; a man with an aura so strong that it makes him seem almost omnipotent. When an Alpha male walks inside a room, all the attention will be channeled towards him- all eyes will be upon him as well.

Do you want to be this person? You can, if you choose to adapt the certain qualities of an Alpha Male.

7 Traits of Alpha Men

If you’ve nosed around the seduction community, you commonly hear the term “alpha man” thrown around. Depending on whom you are reading there are different definitions, but all of them share some very similar traits.

1) Time Conscious

An alpha male is aware that there are exactly twenty-four hours in a day. He knows that his time is very important, and that he always uses it wisely and effectively. This trait intertwines between an alphas professional and personal life.

He doesn’t allow him a woman to waste his time by playing mind games with him, nor does he allow himself to waste his own time. He is constantly working toward his goals.

2) Own Life

An alpha male realizes that to attract women he needs to be first focused on creating a life for him, he can’t simply try to find a woman and interject himself in her life. An alpha has his hobbies, goals, and ambitions. Because you’ve created an interesting life for yourself, it will naturally attract women who are looking for something original and dynamic.

3) Fighting Last

Today’s modern alpha knows that he no longer needs to use his muscles to do his talking, while he should be physically capable of defending himself. He relies more on his own word play ability to subdue potential enemies, but if something does degenerate into violence then he is fully capable of protecting himself and those under his protection.

4) Emotional Control

The modern alpha knows the extreme importance of maintaining proper emotional control at all times, he doesn’t allow himself to be swayed by a constant sea of emotions and thus projects a strong, confident image to those around him.

5) Rejects Failure

alpha-maleA modern alpha knows that failure is simply evolution in action; instead of allowing himself to get discouraged he simply revaluates his approach and moves on from there. A modern alpha is constantly testing his limits and thus is going to constantly be forced fail as he learns and evolves.

By doing this he is constantly sharpening his skills and is better prepared than those who don’t.

6) Goal Oriented

A true alpha knows that life is like a vast ocean, and you can either be pulled along by the tides or chart your own course. He actively sits down and plans short term and long term goals, so while other people are simply floating along allowing themselves to be dragged every which way, the alpha is sailing towards his destination.

7) Risk

A true alpha can’t be afraid of risk; he understands that to achieve the things he want in life requires him to at some point put himself out there. He does his best to limit risk though with proper research and planning. This trait allows him to seize opportunities as they appear but also make calculated moves to further enhance his life.

8 ) He is a leader

He make decisions- others merely follow. He is the leader of the pack, and is able to bring the group to great heights. He does not hesitate to take the lead, and helps others when they are in need. He does not give hints when he wants to do something (etc: Hey the weather is pretty hot!). He speaks in a powerful tone. ( Come on, get up and let’s go swimming). He is not afraid to challenge people and not afraid to be an asshole when needed. He keeps his composure at all times, and puts his or other’s capabilities at great use.

9) He knows what he wants

He is clear of his objectives and goals right at the beginning- be it money, power, fame or even women. He does what is needed to achieve them. He is determined to achieve his goals no matter what happens; no matter what kind of obstacles stands in his way.

He does not give a damn about what other people think, even if they laugh or mock at him, because he knows he will be the one laughing at the end of the day. He is constantly motivated by his ambition and ego, and will stop at nothing to see that what must be done is done. Most importantly, he believes in himself.

10) He creates solutions

When a problem arises, he does not complain or blame others. He takes responsibility. While other people are whinnying over their predicament, he takes concrete actions to make something happen. At times he may offer solutions; and at times he may even command people to do what is required. At the end of the day, he creates solutions and will resolve the conflict- by hook or by crook.

11) He stands tall

He is an upholder of justice. He keeps his promise and will never talk bad behind a friend. He helps the people in need and will not hesitate to save someone from a bunch of hooligans. He does not bitch about his life when he is in a mess, because he knows any state of life that he is in is his responsibility.

He does not cry, because he will not allow himself to subdue in his emotions, which is a form of weakness. He does not mock at people when they try to do the impossible, and instead tries to spur them on. Last but not least, he motivates the people around him.

Adapt these qualities to be an Alpha Male. Have patience- results will appear if you persevere long enough.