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How to Approach and Start Talking to Women


Talking to women, whether it be in a bar or on the street, doesn’t have to be scary or even slightly uncomfortable. Talking to women is a fundamental part of a healthy social dynamic. Here are a few pointers to help you get the ice broken.

To begin, the first you need is to have confidence in yourself and believe you can have any woman you want. There is nothing more important to start with then this one belief.

Talking to a woman isn’t a difficult task nor should it be. Sure she might make your heart skip a beat or leave you breathless but don’t let it get the best of you! Take a deep breath and remain calm and collected. When talking to woman don’t use cheesy pick up lines to start a conversation to show her you are interested. It isn’t genuine. It makes her wonder how many other females you used that line on. (And failed!)

Make a lasting first time impression by simply smiling and introducing yourself as you would a friend or an acquaintance. You only get one first impression. If you can make her laugh and show her you have a good sense of humor then you are on the right path to maybe having a second meeting or maybe more. Women like talking about themselves. Ask her questions to get her involved in the conversation. Make eye contact periodically and steer clear of using your blackberry or other PDA devices while you are engaging in conversation. Remember, she is the focus of your attention right now, not your toys.

Basically, women want to know they have all of your full and undivided attention, or at least most of it. Nothing bothers them more than them talking about something to find out the person they were talking to wasn’t even listening. Relax and keep calm while having the conversation. Be real, be yourself. Just pretend you’re having a conversation with one of your guy friends- just try to lighten up on vulgarity and crudeness at least in the beginning while you are trying to get to know her. You don’t want her to be offended and never talk to you again. If she swears like a sailor and drinks like a fish then by all means join in on the fun!

Read her body language. If she does not look like she is comfortable and is trying to push you away take the hint. Is she making eye contact, leaning towards you, smiling? Those can be good signs that she is enjoying your company. If she is standoffish, hesitant, her sentences only contain one word, not making eye contact or she has her arms crossed then those can be taken as she is uncomfortable and not enjoying you.

The bottom line is meeting and talking to women is suppose to be fun and exciting. Relax and enjoy the company. Who knows where it might actually lead.

How to Approach a Woman & Get that Date

start-talking-to-womenLike most guys who have a problem picking up women, I bet that you don’t have a clue what you’re doing wrong. The honest truth is that women don’t like men who are of a lower status. Some examples of this are: men who are shorter than them, men who make less money, etc.

You as a man, have to be selective in choosing women. I hate to sound harsh but aim too high and you’ll likely be disappointed, although this isn’t always the case it’s usually true. Women respond to men they have a gut level attraction to.

How can you make a woman feel this way? As a woman, I can honestly say it’s all about looks, body language, and flattery. Work these three angles and you’ve got a pretty good chance of scoring a date.

First off is the looks – make sure you’re well groomed and neat looking because if you have inch long nose hairs or have food all over your mouth you’ll get turned down left and right. Its common sense that different women have different preferences, so don’t be offended if you’re not her type.

Next is body language. You want to relax yourself as much as possible because your nerves will only turn her off – it gives off a bad vibe. When you approach her you want to stand close enough so that she knows you’re not just being friendly, but not close enough to offend. You should also make deep eye contact, which shows confidence, and stand up tall.

Now you need to work on the flattery. Most of the first conversation should be about her, because people (women especially) find themselves very interesting. It’s funny but true. Say nice things to her but try to be original about it. When you give her sincere and original compliments, she knows you’re actually taking an interest in her and you’re not blindly begging for sex.

If she stays in the conversation with you, you should continue talking for 5-10 minutes and ask for a date. This way you’ll leave her wanting more, and that’s a good thing. If she’s not really into you, cut your losses and leave. You can always try again with someone else. If, you get really unlucky and she laughs rudely in your face, this means she’s insecure and loves to make other people feel bad. That’s not the type of woman you want to be with.

If this happens, you can leave nicely and be a gentleman about it. You can also get back at her by saying something like “Okay, I’ll leave. But as a favor to everyone you talk to in the future, please learn to brush your tongue. It will really help with your bad breath.”

In conclusion, once you find women who might be interested in you, you stand a much better chance of winning them over with good grooming habits, confident body language, and sincere interest in her (flattery). Good luck!