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How to Approach a Girl in Public

approach-a-girl-in-publicIn order to impress females there are certain characteristics that you must exhibit. Many guys are really not bad looking yet they do not know how to present themselves to a woman.

So how would you go about to present yourself? You see her on the train or in the street and you want to spark a conversation. You want to be in the best condition of your life in order to turn yourself into the dream guy that every girl wants. Girls just want guys to be confident and interesting. Having those two will usually go along way when you are trying to introduce yourself in public.

When confronting a female in public you always want to look sharp. Now how will you ever know when you are going to approach a female. Usually this kind of stuff is random and rarely happens.

You need to put yourself in a mind set to be successful with ladies. Gentlemen please make sure you shower and wear very small amounts of cologne. Guy’s will sometimes excessively use cologne on some occasions and then during others use none. You should always use a regulated amount. One spray should leave you trailing scents and will give that female a scent of delight instead of an overdose.

When approaching a female on the streets it is important to be confident. You also want to make sure you get close enough to them so that you are having a personal conversation. Not close to the point where they might end up getting frightened and will walk away.

You want to first initiate eye contact If you do this successfully, it is a good sign. If she is in a location where she is accessible you want to walk over to her slowly. Make sure she can view you coming over, even if it the corner of her eye.

When you do finally approach her, the method I have found works best is to start a random conversation. Ask for the time or simply tell her your intention out right. Let her know that you saw the opportunity to come over and introduce yourself to a beautiful woman like herself. She will usually be flattered and will not mind going further into the conversation.

If they don’t bite and they show with their body expressions that they simply do not want to be bothered, than move on. It was worth the attempt and there are plenty more in the sea. Remember one gain will usually equal 20 losses in my book. Remember confidence, cleanliness and being smooth will obtain best results.

 Here are 5 quick tips on how to approach women in a public place:

approach-a-girl1 – Think of something to say. The trickiest part of the whole thing is figuring out what to say if you do go over there. You can be subtle or manipulative and ask her about some meaningless thing, or you can be blunt, or what some might call honest. In general, this is probably the better option. A good opening line is usually phrased in the form of a question, such as “May I ask you a question please?” Note the good manners.

Even if she’s going to shoot you down, you’re likely to get a better result if you’re polite. You might start by introducing yourself; then follow up with your polite question asking if you can ask more. If she agrees, which she probably will, since she has no idea at this point what you want, then go ahead and ask her something, such as would she like some company seeing as how both of you are eating alone.

Or you might just tell her you find her attractive and would like to get to know here more and would it be alright to talk for a moment. See, the thing is, it doesn’t have to be complicated or tricky or manipulative. Those kinds of tactics are for guys who lack the courage to expose themselves to rejection.

2 – Make up your mind. At any rate, make up your mind on what it is you’re going to say. There is nothing worse than approaching a girl and then finding you can’t think of a thing to say. So, get the words firmly in your mind, and also have some idea what you would like to say as a follow-up to whatever she says.

3 – Walk over there. Once you’ve made up your mind, don’t sit there debating with yourself. Get yourself up and out of your chair, and walk straight over to where she is sitting. Don’t hurry, but don’t go too slow either; walk, as if you were going over to talk to someone you already know.

4 – Start talking. Once you arrive, nod a little and introduce yourself; just your first name. Then, ask your question.

5 – Take your cues from her. Once you’ve introduced yourself and have asked your question, wait for her response. If she nods or says yes, go ahead with your next question. After that, you’re rolling. She’ll either give you permission to talk or join her, or send you packing. If she agrees, thank her, then go fetch your meal.

If she says no, then nod gracefully, offer a polite remark, and head back to your table. As you walk back, remind yourself that she was under no obligation to say yes, and may have very legitimate reasons for saying no. So, don’t say anything snotty or stupid, because that will only make you feel like a jerk. Just finish your meal and forget about the whole thing until the next time you see a girl alone somewhere that catches your eye.

These Five successful tips on how to approach a girl can by used by any guy that is single and would like to approach a girl he sees in hopes of getting to know her better. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, I hope these tips help. Good luck.