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A Guide To Dating For Seniors

seniors-datingThe first step to getting back into the dating scene as a senior is to make a commitment. Not to one person, or to a relationship, but a commitment to the idea of dating. While the rules of the dating game may have changed, the goal is still the same: find another person that you are compatible with. Here are a few tips:

Know Where You’re Both Coming From

When you’re getting back into the dating scene, consider the reason. Maybe you’re a widow. Maybe you’ve recently gotten out of a long term relationship or marriage. Maybe you’re seeking companionship and someone to share adventures with. Then, recognize that the people you will meet while dating are also doing so because of their own, personal reasons. When you meet someone and begin pursuing a dating relationship with them, respect where they are coming from. Then, move on.

Don’t Focus On The Past

If you’re holding onto baggage from a bad previous marriage, this is a good time to try to let it go. Look at this at a new adventure and a fresh start. Before you jump into a first date, be sure that you’re comfortable with yourself and with your past. That might be going through counseling sessions. Don’t let negative past experiences hold you back from the great things that life has in store.

Some Things Have Changed, Some Have Stayed The Same

What’s the best way to determine the rules of dating? Set them yourself. It’s true that many things may be different today than they were when you were younger. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to conform to anyone’s set of rules. If you would rather talk to someone on the phone than text or email, do it. If you don’t feel comfortable with being physical with someone early on, don’t. Dating style is a very personal thing and the rules are yours to make.

When you start going on dates, set guidelines for yourself and stick with them. As you go through the process and get more comfortable, adjust your self-set rules to match.

Be Yourself

Perhaps the most important rule when dating, at any age, is to be yourself. Be honest and let others see the real you. Take others for who they are as well, without seeing expectations. You’ll both be happier in the end.