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Elite Dating: A Beginner’s Guide

What is Elite Dating?

elite-datingFirst and foremost, what is elite dating?  Elite dating is for… well, the elite: the rich, the beautiful, the famous; the people who don’t want to waste time dating people with whom they simply are not well matched.

It isn’t wrong to know your own worth and shoot for the stars. 

If you are wealthy and successful then you have worked hard to get to where you are on the social ladder.  You don’t deserve anything but the best in romance and companionship.  Period.


  • Find someone that fits your standards. Elite dating allows you to meet someone that is well matched to you.  You can meet other wealthy people or people who have other qualities that are important to you.  It sounds elitist because it is and that is the whole point.  If you are looking for dates with people with a lot to offer then elite dating is for you.
  • Save time and energy. There is something to be said for knowing what you want and going for it.  Why waste your time or anyone else’s?
  • Save money.  Don’t waste your hard earned money taking people out and then realizing that you do not have the things in common that matter to you.
  • Elite dating offers you the ability to be totally honest and upfront with prospective dates about the things that matter to you the most.  Do you want a young, attractive woman?  Are you only interested in people with at least a million dollars in the bank?  Rather than “playing games” you can cut straight to the chase.


  • You are, in fact, limiting yourself.  Elite dating does not allow you to cast as wide of a net as you would be able to if you dated the general public.  But, for people interested in elite dating, this is really the whole point.
  • You will probably come into contact with some people looking to use you or take advantage of you.  They may be interested in you only as long as you “serve a purpose” to them.

If elite dating sounds like it might be for you then here are some websites to check out:

  • Elitemate.com
  • EliteGlobalDating.com
  • EliteMingle.com
  • Elitemeeting.com
  • EliteDaters.com

Tips for Elite Online Dating:

  1. online-datingNever give out personal information to someone that you do not know.  Be cautious and use common sense.  As a member of the elite, you have a lot to lose!  You don’t want to embarrass yourself, your family or your friends.  Even worse, you could get hurt or killed.  Be careful!
  2. Never send anything that could embarrass you to someone that you don’t know.  This means videos, pictures, texts and more. You are not just anybody and you need to protect your reputation.
  3. Never meet at homes, hotel rooms or other places where you will be alone.  It is highly unsafe to do so.
  4. Never send anyone that you don’t know money or give them any of your financial information.  If you are wealthy then you are easy prey so be extremely careful with your money.