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Quiz: Are You Two Ready to Move in Together?

move-in-together1. When she stays the night you…

a. Enjoy it. You love hanging out and cuddling all night. In the morning you look forward to breakfast together.

b. Think it is fun at first but are ready to get her out of the door by the next morning.

c. Hate it. You feel suffocated and wish she would get out.

d. She has never stayed over.


2. If people touch your things you feel..

a. Apathetic

b. Nervous

c. Aggravated

d. Enraged


3. Have you ever lived with a woman?

a. Yes, for a long time and it went fine.

b. Yes, and it was not so great.

c. No, it was difficult to get along with her once she moved in.

d. Does my mom count?


4. How long have you two been dating?

a. Over a year

b. Over 6 months

c. Over 3 months

d. Less than 3 months


5. When you think of the two of you living together you…

a. Smile and get excited

b. Feel a bit nervous

c. Break out in a rash

d. Feel physically ill and like you might cry


6. You most want to move in with her because…

a. You love her and want to build a life together.

b. You love her and really look forward to having her around more often.

c. You really care about her and think it might be worth a shot to move in together.

d. You figure it’s the next step and you might enjoy having a woman around the house.


7. When you think of her, you think…

a. LOVE LOVE LOVE. You go starry eyed. She is great. You know she is imperfect but that’s OK.

b. Fun FUN FUN. You two have tons of fun together so it should be fun to live together.

c. SEX SEX SEX. You love having sex with her (among other things) and sex every night sounds like fun.

d. RUN!! You don’t really want to move in with her but you feel pressured or you don’t know how to get out of it.


Tally up your score and see where you stand.

moving-inIf you answered mostly A’s…

You are definitely ready to move in. You are comfortable sharing your space, have a solid relationship and feel excited about the future with her. Congratulations! Move in ASAP!

If you answered mostly B’s…

You are probably going to be ready SOON. You might want to give it some time and discuss it a bit more. You two may not have been dating for a very long time. You shouldn’t jump into anything but the two of you might really be ready in no time!

If you answered mostly C’s

You should not move in yet. You may even want to consider breaking up. It doesn’t seem like the two of you are ready for any big commitments. Slow down and give this some thought!

If you answered mostly D’s…

You need to break up immediately! Why are you even considering moving in with her?