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Are You an Alpha or A Beta Male?

alpha-or-betaIf you find yourself sounding subservient around women like a waiter at a restaurant eager to make everyone happy, with your voice a little higher than normal squeaking like a ridiculous squirrel; or every time she accidentally drops something you act like the cure for cancer is heading for a drainpipe, scrambling to pick it up with “ninja speed desperate to please” reflexes; then you’re probably not an alpha male.

When dating women and the check for dinner comes. You don’t have to take out your wallet as if you’re in a who-can-take-out-their-wallet faster-competition, as you always seem to win this one anyway.

Stretch out the moment a little. Allow the moment to manifest its own conclusion; this almost always allows for graceful exit points.

You want everything you do with women to seem as if magically everything just flows more naturally with you.

In contrast, Beta males seem to always have clumsy antics to their disposition; a stumble fumble I just shit my pants facial tick with “animal kingdom” wild-eyed surprised looks written on their overly interested in everything their date has to say faces.

Avoiding this trait doesn’t mean to be rude, obnoxious, inconsiderate, abrasive, and loud in inappropriate places. It simple means to be genuinely interested what she has to say without seeming as if you just discovered your Adam’s apple in her presence.

How to project confidence like an alpha male?

The answer is it’s all subjective, and should be considered in a culture context. Different women in different stages in their life may subscribe to different notions of what an alpha male or beta male actually is.

The shirtless alpha male with tattoo tears drops underneath the corner of his eye, doing push-ups in a backyard with a couple of chained up Rottweilers eating out of a fifty-pound sack of soggy dog food next to a pile of crushed beer cans rusting underneath a sprinkler system that never turns off may… be a sign of the ideal archetype of masculinity to some women, and the signs of illiteracy to another.

One trans-cultural similarity however is the display of confidence. Whether a man is belligerent or articulates his thoughts well, the display of confidence is the theme of the alpha male, the interpretation of that confidence is the woman’s role; the correct projection of confidence contingent on a woman’s cultural interpretation is yours.