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Quiz: Are You a Good Boyfriend?

Answer the following questions honestly to find out if you are a great boyfriend or a real loser when it comes to relationships!

1. Do you tell her that she is pretty?

a. All of the time

b. Sometimes

c. Almost never

d. Never


2. Do you spend more time with her or with your friends?

a. With her

b. About equal amounts

c. With them, but she is with her friends a lot as well

d. I spend almost all of my time with my friends


3. Your last fight was about…

a. Something that you both laugh about now

b. You don’t remember because it wasn’t a very big deal

c. You acting like a real jerk. Good thing you apologized.

d. You acting like a real jerk but you wouldn’t never admit it.


4. The last gift that you got her was…

a. Something that she loved. She talked about it for days.

b. Something that you really thought she would love. You may not have nailed it, though.

c. Something that you really like and wish she would like.

d. Gift? Who knows?


5. When she cries…

a. You ask what you can do to help and try to be there for her.

b. You get uncomfortable and nervous but try to be there for her.

c. You usually run away because you are too uncomfortable.

d. You tell her to stop it and that she is being annoying.


6. As a boyfriend, you see yourself as…

a. Kind, caring, thoughtful and sweet

b. Kind and caring but a little unsure of how to be in a relationship.

c. A bit selfish and immature.

d. You’ve never given it any thought.


Based on your responses, here are the results:

Mostly A’s

are-you-a-good-boyfriendYou are an awesome boyfriend. You are caring, thoughtful and show her your love regularly. You put her first and show her that she is important. You don’t try and change her and you aren’t afraid to apologize when you are wrong.

Mostly B’s

You are a very good boyfriend. You may not be perfect but you do care deeply for your girlfriend. You try very hard to let her be herself and you show her respect and love. You have the potential to be an AWESOME boyfriend with a little more practice.

Mostly C’s

You are not a great boyfriend. You may mean well but you aren’t sure of how to be an awesome boyfriend. You may not have great role models when you were growing up or have other issues that make it difficult for you to show love and affection. Whatever the case may be, you should take a look at yourself and decide what changes need to be made.

Mostly D’s

You are a terrible boyfriend. You don’t necessarily mean to be selfish but you aren’t thinking of her enough. You are being selfish and may not know it. The truth is that she may be the wrong girl for you. If you aren’t at least trying to be a good boyfriend then you may just need to move on to someone who can motivate you to be better.