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Are you in the friend zone

9 Ways To Tell If You Are In The “Friend Zone”

friend-zoneIf you’re hanging out with a girl that you like and you are beginning to wonder if she feels the same then you are not alone. Many men get stuck in the “friend zone” without meaning to. It can be hard to tell if you are there and the longer you are there the harder it is to get out.

Read on and ask yourself these 9 questions to see where you stand!

 1. Have you ever hooked up?

If you have been hanging out for a substantial period of time (more than a month) and have never even so much as kissed or held hands then you are probably in the Friend Zone.

2. Do you ever give her advice about ex-boyfriends or guys she is dating?

If she talks to you about guys she used to date or is currently seeing then you are almost definitely in the Friend Zone.

3. Does she call you her best friend?

If she introduces you to others as her BFF then you have very likely found yourself in the Friend Zone. She may feel too close to you now and not be willing to ruin a good friendship in order to try dating.

4. Does she ever say things like, “Oh! He’s just my best friend!”?

When people question you guys about your relationship what does she say? Does she immediately blow off any romantic ideas? Does she blush? Does she look to you for you to answer? Does she say the most dreaded phase, “Oh we’re just friends…”? If she seems shy or embarrassed you may still have hope but if she answers confidently that the two of you are just friends then you have entered the Friend Zone.

5. Does she tell you things that she wouldn’t tell a boyfriend?

Does she talk to you the way she would talk to a girlfriend and tell you things that a girl never tells a boyfriend? For instance, does she talk to you about gross, embarrassing or odd things? If so, you may be in the Friend Zone.

6. Does she leave you out of certain types of events or parties?

Does it seem like you are only invited out with her sometimes? It may be because she doesn’t want you to scare other guys off. If you are in the Friend Zone and she wants to go out and meet guys then she is probably not going to invite you.

7. Do you know all of the guys she hangs out with?

Does she hang out with some guys that you have never met? If so, she is probably interested in THOSE guys and YOU are in the Friend Zone.

8. Do you hang out with a group of friends?

Do you guys hang out alone a lot or do you typically hang out in a group? When you ask her to do things just the two of you does she turn you down? If she doesn’t seem excited about spending time alone with you then you are likely in the Friend Zone.

9. Does she count on you for favors often?

Are you the guy she calls when she needs a couch moved or a garbage disposal fixed? Are you doing all of the work of a boyfriend with none of the benefit? Watch out! Sounds like you are in the Friend Zone!