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8 Things Women Look for in a Future Husband

1. Good Manners

future-husbandWomen are looking for men who have manners, are polite and respectful and who can be charming and social when necessary.  You may not always have perfect manners but if you are the kind of guy who says, “Please” and “Thank you”, eats with his mouth closed and knows how to give a proper handshake then you are on the right track.

2. Good Provider

You don’t have to be rich or famous to fit this criteria.   The most important thing about being a good provider is being hard-working and willing to make sacrifices.  Women are looking for men who show signs of being the kind of guy who will make sure his family’s needs are met.  Plenty of women these days work and they aren’t looking for a “sugar daddy.”  They are just looking for a man with a  solid set of priorities.

3. Good Father

If you had a great dad then you are more likely to be a great dad yourself.  Women are highly interested in finding a husband that will be a loving, patient and involved father.   Your dad may not have been perfect and that is totally OK but she will want to see that you have a solid  role model for fatherhood.

4. Good Relationship with Mom

Men who have healthy relationships with their mother tend to have better attitudes and more respect toward women.  They are more in tune with what women think and feel.  They are more interested in finding a good mother for their own children.  A solid relationship with your mother is a great sign to any woman that you are hubby material!

5. Good Goals

Women want to marry men with goals and ambition.  You don’t have to have your sights set on a doctorate or a career in politics.  You don’t even have to have goals that include making a lot of money or breaking any records.   Goals that include owning your own home, living a healthy lifestyle or getting involved in a new hobby are all great and show that you are an intelligent and ambitious person with a zeal for life.

6. Good Attitude

good-husbandThis is tied in with having goals.  A great attitude toward life is very sexy.  Being positive, happy and excited about yourself, your goals and HER is a wonderful attribute for a husband.  Having a good attitude starts inwardly and you can’t expect her or anyone else to make you happy.  No one wants to be responsible for your happiness.  She just wants to spend time with a happy and positive person!

7. Good Work Ethic

A man who works hard is husband material.  A man who understands the value of commitment, hard work and putting their whole self into things is the kind of man who will be a great partner.  Marriage requires work and perseverance and a strong work ethic is a sign that you are willing able to do whatever you have to do to make things work.

8. Good Sense of Humor

A good sense of humor is attractive.  The kind of man who can take any situation and find the humor and joy in it is the kind of man a woman wants to share her life with.  Women have a tendency to “think too much” and are much more likely to be worriers.  A man who can make a woman laugh (even when she doesn’t feel like it) will have her heart in no time!