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8 Signs She is Leading You On

the-seductionistIf you are really into a girl but can’t tell if she likes you or is leading you on then take a look at these 8 SURE signs that her motives are not pure. Save yourself heartache and grief by not allowing any woman to toy with your emotions. You deserve better!

1. She Only Calls When She Needs Something

Does she call often but only when she needs something from you or it is convenient for her? Is there always a favor she needs? Furniture to be moved? A creepy guy she needs you to scare off? Be careful that you aren’t getting used!

2. She Calls You Her “Best Friend”

“Best Friend” is girl code for “a guy that I will never date.” You are the guy who gets all of the crappy parts of being a boyfriend and none of the benefits. You have heard of the “friend zone”, right? Well, every girl’s best male friend is in the “friend zone” for life. If you want something more you need to be careful because chances are good that she doesn’t feel the same way… at least not now.

3. She Touches You… But Never in the Right Places

If she grabs your elbow, musses your hair or punches you in the stomach then she is not touching you in the right places. She touches you because it is flirtatious and she may be trying to keep you under the impression that she is interested. If she were really interested she would be touching your hands, your face, your thighs, etc.

4. She Has Tons of Guy Friends

Are you one of many guys that she hangs out with? Does she seem to always be flirting and playing with guys’ hearts? You may want to believe that you are the exception but you are probably not! She may not even realize that she is doing it but a woman with many, many male friends is usually leading most, if not all, of them on.

5. She is Never in a Relationship

If she always seems to be single and prefers it that way then don’t kid yourself into thinking that you are going to change her. She may think you are a great guy but if she wanted a boyfriend she would make it clear.

6. She is Always in a Relationship

This is a whole other problem. If she is a “serial monogamist” – the kind of person who can’t be alone – then she may be unintentionally using you as her “fill-In boyfriend” until she finds a new guy to date. This is a terrible position to be in so don’t allow her to use you to get what she needs if you aren’t getting what you need.

7. She Flirts with Your Friends

If she is flirting with your friends then you probably don’t mean much to her. It may seem innocent but it’s not. No woman who is interested in a guy is going to flirt with his friends. If she is, then she is playing games. Either way, she is NOT a keeper.


This seems obvious but, sadly, it’s not. Many men (and women!) have been fooled into thinking that someone they cared about was going to leave their significant other for them. First of all, it may never happen. Second of all, how could you ever trust someone who started dating you when they were in another relationship? Your love will be doomed from the start so move on!

If you have noticed one or more of these signs then you need to be careful. You may be falling for a girl who is just using you. It is sad but true that these women are out there. Your feelings and your emotions may not matter to her. You have become a pawn in a Chess game that you won’t win. Start running now!