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5 Things About Women that EVERY Man Should Know

questionsFor many men women are an utter mystery. The truth is, women are complicated creatures. They are emotional, full of contradictions and, at times, downright baffling. However, they are also well worth the trouble of TRYING to understand. So, read on, for 5 truths about women that every man should know and come to accept… if he wants a happy relationship, that is.

1. Women are Moody

Women are just more emotional than men. Their moods change frequently and sometimes it may seem like for no reason. They tend to analyze their actions as well others’ and feel hurt, scared, happy or angry about things that men not even raise an eyebrow at. Women are naturally nurturers and, therefore, are just programmed to be more sensitive. They may seem like they are acting crazy but, rest assured, they are simply being female.

2. Women are Scared of Getting Old

Women are terrified of aging. They are afraid of what they will look like. They are afraid of being deemed unattractive. They are terrified of being old and alone. Men don’t have the same fears of being an “old maid” or of getting wrinkles because society does not put the same pressures on men about aging. If your lady applies wrinkle cream religiously or begs for you to fund Botox you can be sure that she is simply frightened of what it means to be an older woman in our society. Instead of criticizing her for being “vain” or “silly” try boosting her confidence with compliments.

3. Women are Insecure About Their Bodies

All women, no matter how beautiful, have body issues. They see their bodies in a way that you probably never will. You look at her big bottom and think it is sexy and voluptuous. She sees cellulite and saddle bags. Women with small breasts want big ones and women with big ones wish they were perkier. Skinny women want curves and curvy women want to be skinny. It may seem superficial or silly but it is simply the truth. Every woman hates something about her body. Be sensitive to that fact whenever possible.

4. Women Take Sex Seriously

Of course there are exceptions to every rule but, generally, women feel differently about sex than men do. They have trouble enjoying casual sex and feel used if men don’t seem emotionally connected afterwards. Simple things like cuddling or compliments before, after or during sex can really make a woman feel awesome. It may not make sense to you but, for most ladies, sex is not just a physical thing.

5. Women LOVE Romance

The things that you think are corny women love. They love flowers, wine, candles, cards and other gestures. Women just want to feel like princesses. It isn’t necessarily a matter of money as much as it is a matter of thoughtfulness. Not every guy can afford fancy vacations or expensive cars but a man who thinks of his lady often and who makes her feel important will be sure to keep her happy.


Of course, there is much more to the female mind. Not all women are created exactly the same and some women break the mold. However, the 5 things listed above are facts that you should consider whenever dealing with women you care about.