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10 Gestures to Show Her You Care

letter1. Write Something

You don’t have to be a poet. Just write something down. Let her have something on paper that she can read whenever she wants. It can be a letter, a story or something even simpler. She would probably love a list of ten things you love about her!

chores2. Help Her with Chores

Women tend to really appreciate acts of service. Anything that takes the burden off of them is a sweet and loving gesture. If you know she needs to grocery shop but is having a busy week then go for her! Imagine the look on her face when she sees that you have gone ahead and taken that task off of her to do list.

chocolates3. Send Her Something at Work

Women love to get things at work, school or other public places. They love to be the envy of all of the other girls around. So send her flowers, candy or even just a card that will be delivered straight to her. She will be overjoyed.

digicam4. Make a Video

Make a quick video and e-mail or text it to her. It can be a video about why you love her, something you are looking forward to or anything else. Just spill your guts! You will love the results.

back-rub5. Give Her a Back Rub

A back rub is the key to any woman’s heart. Women love to be touched, caressed and fondled in a way that makes them feel loved and attractive. This back rub MAY lead to more but you shouldn’t count on it. Just give her the back rub for the sake of the back rub!

surprise6. Surprise Her

Surprises are romantic. Anything that you do instantly becomes a bigger and sweeter gesture when it is a surprise. Plan a nice weekend for the two of you, surprise her by cooking dinner or show up at work to take her to lunch. She will be giddy.

world7. Let Her into Your World

If there’s one thing that women love it is feeling that they have open communication and a friendship with their man. So talk to her; tell her about your feelings, your fears and your hopes. Bring her places that mean a lot to you. Introduce her to your family and friends. Make her a part of your world. She will love you for it.

meaningful8. Give Her Something of Meaning

Give her a gift that means something to you. It doesn’t have to be expensive. As a matter of fact, it can be cheap! Give her an old toy you loved as a kid or a framed photo of the two of you. Whatever it is, the value should be sentimental not monetary.

lego9. Create Something

Make her something. You don’t have to be an artist. She will love the attempt. Draw her a picture, write her a song or build her something from Lego. It really doesn’t matter. It will be the fact that you tried that will mean the most to your lady.

love10. Give Her a “You Day”

Show her how well you know her by creating a day tailored to her. It could be a spa day, a shopping day, a sports day, a hiking day or all of the above. The point is that it should have been specially thought out just for her!