Top 3 Sexual Insecurities for Women

Every man wants to be good in bed. In order to be good in bed, it is important that you are aware of and sensitive to women’s sexual insecurities. Often times men wrongly assume that because sex is accessible to women in a way that is not to men females are a bit cocky when […]

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How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time

Oh my goodness, there is nothing more exciting and scary than the very first kiss. Women typically luck out because they don’t usually have to go in for the “first kiss.” You, on the other hand, will have to find the right time, place and way to kiss her. You, my friend, bear all of […]

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Top 7 Complaints Women Have About Men

OK, Guys… Listen up! Do you ever wonder why your women seem irritated, hurt or dissatisfied when you feel like you are a pretty great guy? The truth is, men and women are just programmed a little bit differently. Read on for 7 things you may not realize are bugging your girlfriend or wife… 1. […]

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Is She Girlfriend Material?

Is she just a fling or a girl worth taking the next step with? Ask yourself the following questions and see!   Do you think about her when you are apart? When you are away from her do you think of her often? Do you miss her? Do you talk about her to your friends, […]

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9 Tips for Dating a Woman with Kids

1. Show an Interest in the Kids A woman can never care for you if you don’t care for her kids. If you are dating a mom then you are dating her kids, as well. They are a package deal. Show interest, love and kindness toward them. Go to their soccer games, help them with […]

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5 Things About Women that EVERY Man Should Know

For many men women are an utter mystery. The truth is, women are complicated creatures. They are emotional, full of contradictions and, at times, downright baffling. However, they are also well worth the trouble of TRYING to understand. So, read on, for 5 truths about women that every man should know and come to accept… […]

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Top 10 Things Women Look for in a Man

1. Confidence Women respond to confidence and self-assuredness. Never be cocky or over the top but always show that you are secure and happy with yourself. That’s very sexy. Don’t brag, boast or show off but be proud of your accomplishments. Don’t play down who you are or what you stand for. 2. Kindness Kindness […]

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Top 10 Coolest Date Ideas

Are you stuck in a dating rut? Are you and your lady doing the SAME THINGS every Friday night? Well, if so, you are probably wondering what you can do to branch out. It doesn’t take a ton of money or time to wow her. Just try out these ten fantastic ideas!   1. Picnic Pack a […]

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10 Gestures to Show Her You Care

1. Write Something You don’t have to be a poet. Just write something down. Let her have something on paper that she can read whenever she wants. It can be a letter, a story or something even simpler. She would probably love a list of ten things you love about her! 2. Help Her with […]

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8 Signs She is Leading You On

If you are really into a girl but can’t tell if she likes you or is leading you on then take a look at these 8 SURE signs that her motives are not pure. Save yourself heartache and grief by not allowing any woman to toy with your emotions. You deserve better! 1. She Only […]

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