How to Be an Alpha Male

The One and Only An Alpha Male is someone who is the strongest among all; the best of the best- the cream of the crop. He is someone people respect and look up to. His capabilities are sky-high and overwhelming. Woman flock to him, while other men respect, envy or even, fear him. He is […]

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How to Approach and Start Talking to Women

Talking to women, whether it be in a bar or on the street, doesn’t have to be scary or even slightly uncomfortable. Talking to women is a fundamental part of a healthy social dynamic. Here are a few pointers to help you get the ice broken. To begin, the first you need is to have […]

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How to Approach a Girl in Public

In order to impress females there are certain characteristics that you must exhibit. Many guys are really not bad looking yet they do not know how to present themselves to a woman. So how would you go about to present yourself? You see her on the train or in the street and you want to […]

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Married Dating – How to Do It The Smart Way

Married people sometimes find themselves in the unfortunate position of feeling that they must step out of the relationship. You may wish for a divorce but financial reasons, your kids or other issues may keep you from making that decision. You may still love your spouse but miss the sexual spark that you two may […]

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Is Your Woman the Perfect Girlfriend?

We have all been there. We have liked something about each of our girlfriends. In starting a relationship, we looked for that quality we enjoyed. So, really, what are the things that make a woman the perfect girlfriend? She is independent It is great to be needed on occasion, but a girl who is independant […]

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Elite Dating: A Beginner’s Guide

What is Elite Dating? First and foremost, what is elite dating?  Elite dating is for… well, the elite: the rich, the beautiful, the famous; the people who don’t want to waste time dating people with whom they simply are not well matched. It isn’t wrong to know your own worth and shoot for the stars.  […]

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Sugar Daddy Dating: An Overview

What is a “sugar daddy?”  A sugar daddy is a man with the means and the desire to support a woman financially, give her what she wants and shower her with gifts.  He is older, successful and dates gorgeous women. Sugar daddies come in all different shapes, sizes and races and live in every city, […]

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8 Things Women Look for in a Future Husband

1. Good Manners Women are looking for men who have manners, are polite and respectful and who can be charming and social when necessary.  You may not always have perfect manners but if you are the kind of guy who says, “Please” and “Thank you”, eats with his mouth closed and knows how to give […]

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How to Make a Woman Want You… Bad!

Today it’s time to take a look at the Holy Grail of tourist attraction: exactly what TRULY makes a female want you. And yes, we truly are visiting take a stab at this – potentially the most universal of ALL concerns about ladies – right here and now. What habits can YOU carry out that […]

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A Guide To Dating For Seniors

The first step to getting back into the dating scene as a senior is to make a commitment. Not to one person, or to a relationship, but a commitment to the idea of dating. While the rules of the dating game may have changed, the goal is still the same: find another person that you […]

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