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Quiz: Are You Two Ready to Move in Together?

1. When she stays the night you… a. Enjoy it. You love hanging out and cuddling all night. In the morning you look forward to breakfast together. b. Think it is fun at first but are ready to get her out of the door by the next morning. c. Hate it. You feel suffocated and […]

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man proposing to her girlfriend

Quiz: Are You Ready to Propose?

1. If you had to describe her in 3 words they would be… a. Beautiful, kind, smart b. Smart, fun, irritating c. Cute, dumb, sweet d. Boring, stupid, sexy 2. She is compatible with you because… a. You have similar interests and have a lot of fun together. You think she would be a great […]

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Quiz: Are You a Good Boyfriend?

Answer the following questions honestly to find out if you are a great boyfriend or a real loser when it comes to relationships! 1. Do you tell her that she is pretty? a. All of the time b. Sometimes c. Almost never d. Never   2. Do you spend more time with her or with […]

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friend zone

Quiz: Are You in “The Friend Zone?”

1. She calls… a. Every day. All day. You two love to talk and can’t get enough of each other’s company. b. When she is free at work or at school. You guys really get along well. c. When she needs something… when she has a flat tire or she needs a friend to bail […]

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