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Bringing Out the ‘Perfect Guy’ in You

Everywhere we look there are seminars, Internet websites, and magazine articles that give us a hundred different perspectives and a thousand pieces of advice on dating: how to dress, how to talk, who to talk to, tips and tricks for a better sex life, hints on how to keep our man interested, the list goes […]

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Three Ways I Won Over Her Friends

I have never been a very social person and, because of that, don’t have many close friends. My wife, however, is the opposite of that and has plenty of girlfriends she likes to hang out with. At one point in our marriage, I dreaded her friends. This is because, like most couples, we do have […]

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Bad Pickup Lines And Why They Don’t Work

Okay, so I am sure that everyone has been at a club or a bar and heard or even said a bad pickup line or two. In most cases the woman just blows whoever is spitting out the line off. So here are some bad pickup lines and why they do not work. Can I […]

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How to Attract Women into Your Life

The purpose of this article is to get you to significantly change your basic common sense in regards to how you should be interacting with women. If you are reading this article you are most certainly aware of yourself as being someone who struggles to develop a sexual relationship with a woman. What is essential […]

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How to Attract a Hot Woman?

First off I want every one of you guys out there reading this to know that I was NOT born good looking, charming or even nice for that matter… nor am I rich, athlete or a rock star. But I get laid like a rock star. Here is the thing if you want to attract […]

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How to Hook Up at a College Party

Your Guide to Having Fun in College Hooking up at a college party is, in some ways, the epitome of the American dream. Everyone daydreams throughout their painful and stressful high schools years with the thought of one reason, and one reason alone: going to college and hooking up with girls at parties. Okay, so […]

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How to Approach and Start Talking to Women

Talking to women, whether it be in a bar or on the street, doesn’t have to be scary or even slightly uncomfortable. Talking to women is a fundamental part of a healthy social dynamic. Here are a few pointers to help you get the ice broken. To begin, the first you need is to have […]

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How to Approach a Girl in Public

In order to impress females there are certain characteristics that you must exhibit. Many guys are really not bad looking yet they do not know how to present themselves to a woman. So how would you go about to present yourself? You see her on the train or in the street and you want to […]

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How to Make a Woman Want You… Bad!

Today it’s time to take a look at the Holy Grail of tourist attraction: exactly what TRULY makes a female want you. And yes, we truly are visiting take a stab at this – potentially the most universal of ALL concerns about ladies – right here and now. What habits can YOU carry out that […]

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Seduction techniques for beginners

Seduction Techniques for Beginners

Seducing women is both considered an art and science or can even a sport also which needs some technique. It’s something that you really need to master so that you can gain the best results. It starts with a casual thing, but in the long run, by practicing this, you can make it. It’s between […]

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