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Tips for Meeting Women On the Internet

In the past couple of years it has become common place for people to meet on the internet. For the most part the people you meet online are the same people you would meet at the local ball game or supermarket. Also, just as in real life there are some negative types as well. You […]

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Expert Dating Tips for Men

Interview with Psychotherapist Melissa Hargrave, LPC, LMFTa Are you a man who is having a difficult time successfully dating? Are you unsure on what mistakes you are making? To help understand what dating mistakes you could be making and for expert advice on dating, I have interviewed psychotherapist Melissa Hargrave, LPC, LMFTa. Tell me a […]

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Why You Should Not Get Your Ex Back!

There are hundreds of what to do/what not to do regarding relationships. The most popular topic I’ve seen today are tips on getting your ex back. List upon list of the ways to get your ex back after you’ve broken up. The love of your life has left you and you want them back, here […]

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Married Dating – How to Do It The Smart Way

Married people sometimes find themselves in the unfortunate position of feeling that they must step out of the relationship. You may wish for a divorce but financial reasons, your kids or other issues may keep you from making that decision. You may still love your spouse but miss the sexual spark that you two may […]

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Elite Dating: A Beginner’s Guide

What is Elite Dating? First and foremost, what is elite dating?  Elite dating is for… well, the elite: the rich, the beautiful, the famous; the people who don’t want to waste time dating people with whom they simply are not well matched. It isn’t wrong to know your own worth and shoot for the stars.  […]

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Sugar Daddy Dating: An Overview

What is a “sugar daddy?”  A sugar daddy is a man with the means and the desire to support a woman financially, give her what she wants and shower her with gifts.  He is older, successful and dates gorgeous women. Sugar daddies come in all different shapes, sizes and races and live in every city, […]

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A Guide To Dating For Seniors

The first step to getting back into the dating scene as a senior is to make a commitment. Not to one person, or to a relationship, but a commitment to the idea of dating. While the rules of the dating game may have changed, the goal is still the same: find another person that you […]

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dating younger women

5 Tips for Dating a Younger Woman

1. Don’t Worry About What Other People Think First and foremost, you cannot and should not care or worry about what other people think. There will certainly be people who disagree with or dislike your relationship. You may have friends, family, co-workers and neighbors who think that you two should not be dating. The two […]

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How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time

Oh my goodness, there is nothing more exciting and scary than the very first kiss. Women typically luck out because they don’t usually have to go in for the “first kiss.” You, on the other hand, will have to find the right time, place and way to kiss her. You, my friend, bear all of […]

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Is She Girlfriend Material?

Is she just a fling or a girl worth taking the next step with? Ask yourself the following questions and see!   Do you think about her when you are apart? When you are away from her do you think of her often? Do you miss her? Do you talk about her to your friends, […]

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