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Are You an Alpha or A Beta Male?

If you find yourself sounding subservient around women like a waiter at a restaurant eager to make everyone happy, with your voice a little higher than normal squeaking like a ridiculous squirrel; or every time she accidentally drops something you act like the cure for cancer is heading for a drainpipe, scrambling to pick it […]

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How to Be an Alpha Male

The One and Only An Alpha Male is someone who is the strongest among all; the best of the best- the cream of the crop. He is someone people respect and look up to. His capabilities are sky-high and overwhelming. Woman flock to him, while other men respect, envy or even, fear him. He is […]

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great in bed

How to Be Great in Bed

Every man likes to think he is good in bed. As a matter of fact, possibly the worst insult you could ever give a man is to tell him he is not a good lover. If you are like most other guys you hope you are good and just want to keep getting better. Being […]

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meals for your lady

Simple Meals to Cook for Your Lady

1. Spaghetti Spaghetti is the easiest meal in the whole world! If you can boil water, brown meat and warm up sauce then you can make her a spaghetti dinner. If you feel brave (or if you have some experience in the kitchen) you can make your own sauce, add vegetables or even make fresh […]

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